SpringStep AFO Warranty

SpringStep AFO will warranty our AFOs for up to six months, from date of invoice, against de-lamination or complete breakage. This warranty applies to damage from normal wear and does not cover damage created by unauthorized adjustment.  Warranty expires 6 months from date of invoice of original orthosis.  Warranty does not extend beyond this date if a replacement AFO was fabricated.

Please be aware that SpringStep AFO uses a blend of composite materials which provide a dynamic finished product. Because of their dynamic nature, a small percentage of our AFOs do have failure. We feel the benefit the children receive when wearing our AFOs outweigh the alternatives.  We design our AFOs to be a close custom fit.  Because our AFOs require a close supportive fit of the foot to allow maximal muscles function to occur, we allow minimal room for growth, as we believe that a supportive fit is important to get the full benefit offered by a SpringStep AFO.  We do not expect our AFOs to continue to fit a child, growing at a typical rate, for over 6-10 months.  The casting process is very important to getting a successful product.  We reserve the right to refuse any cast that we feel will not lead to a successful finished product.  Please see our casting demonstrations for recommend casting procedures to obtain a successful outcome.  We do not accept casts that use DAFO footplates.

Steps for warranty process:

  1. Call us immediately to inform us of failure
  2. Send photo of failure so we can authorize return and proceed with remake.
  3. Return AFO to us to receive full credit

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