Controlled Mobility Concept

We know that Immobilization creates Weakness which leads to Instability.


3 gait rockers supported by SpringStepAFO
3 rockers of gait assisted by SpringStepAFO


The goal of orthotic management at SpringStepAFO is for children with neurological impairments to improve stability and function during standing and walking. Immobilizing the ankle joint is not effective at creating the postural control needed for children to participate in their daily activities. Instead, SpringStepAFO creates a supportive environment where children can practice postural adjustments, prevent abnormal movement patterns, and improve their function without creating significant detrimental compensations. SpringStepAFO allows children to use beneficial amounts of plantarflexion and dorsiflexion in standing and walking activities.


SpringStep AFO’s can provide a Supportive Environment for Postural Control to develop.

  • Supportive Environment with Improved Alignment leads to Stability
  • Stability helps with Relaxation of Tone, providing Access to available Strength and ROM
  • Active Musculature provides a basis for developing Postural Control
  • Sufficient Postural Control leads to Increased Function and possibility of Increasing Strength


Child with dystonia – jumping