SpringStep AFO Ordering Information

  • Please call our office to set up an account: 1-866-907-3506
  • Consult our Product Selection Guide to determine appropriate flexibility of your SpringStep AFO
  • Mail your cast with the work order form to:

SpringStep AFO
7100 Broadway, Bldg. 2 Unit E
Denver, CO 80221

  • Approximately 10-15 business days for in-house fabrication
  • Please email us or make use of our video consultation if you have questions regarding what type of SpringStep AFO to order.  Info@SpringStepAFO.com
  • We only sell directly to orthotists
  • The casting process is very important to getting a successful product.  We reserve the right to refuse any cast that we feel will not lead to a successful finished product.  Please see our casting demonstrations to see how we recommend casting be performed for a successful outcome.
  • We do not accept casts that use DAFO footplates.  We need the actual foot contours to fabricate the AFO correctly.



Upload Instructions:

We have a Physical Therapist on staff who can help you decide which type of SpringStep will be best for your client. Please upload a video of your client to this secure web-site and we will review it and recommend the appropriate style SpringStep which will best benefit your client.

  1. Please provide a video of your client walking barefoot and in current orthoses, if possible.
  2. Please provide a view of the frontal (forward facing) and sagittal (sideways) planes.
  3. Please include specifics regading your concerns about the client’s gait and specifically which areas you would like to see improve.
  4. IMPORTANT: **You are responsible for having a signed release to upload video of your client.**
  5. Client video will only be viewed by SpringStep staff to help determine most appropriate orthoses recommendation.  No client information should be included with the video.
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