SpringStep AFO’s New and Unique Pediatric AFO System

  Custom pediatric AFOs by SpringStep AFO We want to change the way you think about AFOs for your pediatric clients. We have developed this new line of AFOs based on current concepts in motor learning and strengthening for pediatric patients. Using hi-tech composite materials, our AFOs provide spring-like energy storing capabilities.  Four different flexibilities are available to meet individual needs of each patient.  We are dedicated to providing custom, dynamic and light-weight AFOs that improve your patient’s function. Our goal is to make sure that each child benefits from the unique properties of the SpringStep AFO system.

Kids love SpringStep because they are light-weight, dynamic and easier to PLAY in!

Parents love SpringStep because they don’t have to battle their kids to wear them.

Therapists love SpringStep because they help client’s reach full potential by allowing strengthening and motor learning to occur

We only sell directly to orthotists.

Before & After Videos of SpringStep AFO in Action

Video of Child With Hemiparesis – First trial in a SpringStep AFO
Barefoot vs. SpringStep AFO
Pre and Post comparison after 6 months of wearing SpringStep AFO

At Springstep we fabricate our unique and effective designs under license of Kinetic Research.

We only sell directly to orthotists.

SpringStep AFOs allow the child to use their available ankle range of motion and strength while discouraging unwanted movement patterns.  Using the concept of “Controlled Mobility“, SpringStep AFOs allow children to develop more efficient movement patterns for walking. Let us put a SPRING in your child’s step! We look forward to hearing from you soon!